When Findus Was Little And Disappeared


Sven Nordqvist is the new Astrid Lindgren. His books are hugely popular and his "Findus" series has sold over 7 million copies, translated into 44 languages.

The Swedish author/illustrator Sven Nordqvist has won many prestigious awards for his work in children's literature. His texts and illustrations are ingenious and readers, young and old, will spend many happy hours pouring over them and laughing out loud.

Pettson is a Swedish farmer who lives alone in a red farmhouse together with his spunky & creative cat, Findus. As a reader you will be part of their many delightful adventures.
Farmer Pettson sat doing the crossword, with the cat on his knee.

"Tell me about when I disappeared", said Findus.

"You have not disappeared, said Pettson, "you are sitting right here".

"Yes, but -- when I was little."

"Oh then... But you've heard the story so often before."

"But tell it to me anyway!"
Recommended age group: 4-8 years.

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