• Image of The Perfect Swedish Sponge Cloth
  • Image of The Perfect Swedish Sponge Cloth

The Perfect Swedish Sponge Cloth


A fast absorbing, fast-wiping and hygienic counter/wipe sponge cloth is a main staple in most Swedish homes. It is designed for efficient spill-pickup and fast wiping of wet surfaces in kitchens.

Why use expensive paper towels when a cloth wipes faster, absorbs better and ensures lint-free wet wiping? And this one is machine washable so you can use it over and over again!

Even better, the cloth is 100% compostable and fully biodegradable, so good for the environment too!

The wipe cloth has the talented designer Emma Sjodin's beautiful dragonfly design on it.

Pretty and functional - a very smart, Swedish thing!

: The sponge cloth is made of nature’s materials; 1/3 cotton and 2/3 cellulose

Machine washable: Warm cycle

Designed and made in Sweden by Konstig Design.