• Image of Rue de Marli - Precious Wood No 27 Room Spray

Rue de Marli - Precious Wood No 27 Room Spray


We have really taking a liking to Rue de Marli's natural beauty products (harmless ingredients and packaging that looks so fresh Scandinavian to us!).

Rue de Marli is a line of apothecary-inspired bath and body products born from a passion for biological herbs and traditional soap-making methods. With hydrating, relaxing, and skin-nourishing savoir-fair, Rue de Marli is committed to using only 100% certified organic ingredients and plant-based essential oils in their collection.

Experience the calm of the forest with this ultra fragrant and long lasting roomspray blended with organic essential oils of pine, italian cypress and red sandalwood. you can also safely use this room mist to lightly scent your favourite and delicate linens, fabrics, cushions, pillows, etc. Enjoy hours of aromatic pleasure with each spray.

Volume 3.3 oz.